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Litigation Law Richmond BC

When a dispute becomes a deadlock and must be resolved through arbitration or litigation, the professional legal knowledge and experience of Lin Zhuguang Law Firm can ensure that your interests are properly protected and the case can be effectively promoted to the appropriate forum.

We are fully aware that traditional dispute resolution methods are not the only option. We are one of the pioneers of alternative dispute resolution technology. The team is equipped with well-trained mediators, arbitrators and negotiation experts. Since 1981, the advantages of efficiency, high credibility, and professionalism have been enough to make Lin Zhuguang Law Firm famous. We have countless successful cases representing both parties to litigation on different issues. We have also faced different judicial and administrative agencies. Our clients can expect to receive the highest quality agency services, personal attention to the details of the case, and superb dialectics and eloquence.

Here are some examples of lawsuits we have handled:

-Personal injury claims
-Accident insurance and liability claims
-Employment issues, such as unqualified dismissal
-Bankruptcy and takeover
-Engineering seizure rights
-Estate litigation
-Contract disputes