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Wills and Estate Law Richmond BC

Many people have heard a sentence: “…nothing in this world can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Another familiar saying, we should use grace and a sense of humor to face this life’s Inevitable unpleasantness.

At Lin Zhuguang Law Firm, although we think the above proposal is good, we always think that if we can make some careful and effective planning for the future in advance, it will be wiser to act. Of course, no amount of planning can change what is bound to happen. However, some consequences can be managed, and some things you can do to protect your loved ones. The easiest way is to prepare a will, which will ensure that your family can be taken care of according to your wishes, not according to the law or court arrangements.

With our professional diligence and personal attention, Lin Zhuguang Law Firm can provide you with a full set of estate planning services. Our lawyers can assist and advise you:

– a will
– to grant power of attorney
– a family trust fund
– the establishment of private or charitable funds
– appointment of a guardian, executor or trustee
– to assess the tax implications estate or succession planning
– conduct probate
– administration of the estate, or trust fund
– Settle estate disposal litigation when necessary
-resolve untested death